It Wasn't Your Fault



        Yet another newspaper article about Ralph Oxner hit the stands.  This one came from the AP Press and appeared in numerous publications nationwide.  It was titled: Where in the World is Ralph Oxner???


Where in the World is Ralph Oxner???

        Resthome Rebel, Ralph Oxner, the man who stands accused of second degree murder, assault on a police officer, and grand theft auto, is still on the run.  Nearly two months after he raised hell inside and outside of an adult care center, only false tips and dead-end leads have come in to law enforcement.  It would seem as if they're either very tight-lipped or completely clueless as to his whereabouts.  In fact, one investigating officer recently admitted, "We're totally baffled," much to his superior's chagrin.  Although the FBI has gone all-out in finding Ralph Oxner, including having posted "WANTED" signs with basic information and his picture all over America and as far as Canada and Mexico, it issued a public statement today proclaiming that they suspects he's hiding out somewhere in South Florida, possibly being assisted by family members residing there.  South Florida (Fort Lauderdale, specifically) happens to be where the car he hijacked was recovered.  Also, in the process of that hectic event, an innocent man was shot to death by a policeman.  Both tragedy and intrigue abound in this bizarre saga!  'North America's Most Wanted' is scheduled to profile Ralph Oxner at lenght again on its up-coming Saturday night telecast.


        Richard Briggs' upper torso heaved itself up reflexively.  He'd just been jarred awake and was drenched in a cold sweat.  His heart was pounding and his eyes were bulging.  It was just a dream, he thought.  Then his back descended on the mattress.  That ghoulish nightmare had returned, yet again, to torment his sleep.  The scenario and scenery in the dream paralleled his real-life Publix parking lot horror seven weeks ago, albeit with one eerie anomaly.  While blood was gushing out of the big hole he'd inflicted in Mr. Hammonds' head, his brown eyes suddenly flashed open while Officer Briggs was staring straight down into them.



They were laden with sorrow; reflecting his longing to simply continue living while grasping that he was slowly dying.  Then, he audibly addressed the kneeling cop beside him with forceful words, "Look at what you did to me!"  At that precise